Why a Connections Experience?





When people feel connected, they live with greater meaning, and their lifestory becomes a legacy.

When people make time for each other, and we capture it, then time becomes timeless.

We have the ability to live our lives connected to everything and everyone every single moment of the day. We share photos and funny anecdotes of life on social media with a click of a single button. We Skype important events with family who can’t attend. We avoid uncomfortable conversations by sending messages through late-night emails.

All to save time.

We choose to send texts to the kids who are under the same roof. We communicate with our partners with emojis and icons. We have teacher conferences via email. We do this as a means to save time by simply sharing information in a simple way.

However, we are not really sharing, we are merely transferring information. Time is lost in lost interpretations and lost understanding.

We are DISconnecting.

We take photos of everything on our smart phones. We snap “can’t-miss” moments to the completely mundane and ridiculous.We want to capture time, to preserve it. Thousands of snapshots are trapped on our phones, mixed together in chaos so that separating those “must-haves” from the “what-the- hecks?” becomes a daunting and neglected task, requiring an extraordinary amount of time to complete. Those important memories quickly become forgotten because we haven’t really paid as much attention to what was happening as to what filter we wanted to use on the photo. Then the half-memories are lost forever when the phone gets launched off the hood of the car or it goes for a swim in a public restroom; along with the stories that they told. Time gone by, is lost.

Our “connection” to the world literally becomes DISconnected.

Our stories have become fleeting moments of time captured in some aspect of technology, hovering on extinction. On phones, in random folders on our computers, in some mysterious “cloud” floating who knows where. Technology changes in a nano-second and our memories become trapped on obsolete pieces of metal and plastic contraptions of trash. Time goes by, taking what once was, and discarding it all without a thought.

We are officially DISConnected forever.

We’re so busy going from work to school events to team practices to performances to drive-thrus just to stop back home to prepare for the same thing the very next day. Maybe we get a few good hours of sleep before we are jolted awake with that nagging feeling that we have forgotten something. We spend so much time together doing stuff but not really doing it together.

We are forgetting to make REAL time, to make REAL connections with those we love the most; and with ourselves.

We are more DISconnected to people than ever in a time of constant connections to things.

How many times have the words from Lady Antebellum gone through your head “I run my life…Or is it running me”? I hear them all the time. So I’m working to find ways for us all to take back the honor of “running” our  families’ lives without the endless distractions of being connected to the things that take over our lives. To GIVE us time, to create it, to make the most of it, and to stop it.

I am determined to make relationship-connections more powerful and to find concrete ways for us to BE with the humans that we love most, in the time we have.

Ultimate Connections Experiences are YOUR way to make some time for yourself and those you care about so we can capture your love, your life, your legacy.

I capture life’s most Ultimate Connections – YOURS.



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