The First Year




So much happens the first year of Baby’s life. From Maternity to the 1st Birthday Cake Celebration, we create a work of art that takes a year, but lasts for generations. When you look back at the images, the albums, and the wall art, you will hardly be able to believe how fast the time had gone. But you will FEEL that same love, that same awe, every time you hold the portraits in your hand and look into the eyes of the amazing miracles that you created.

Although we can do these Experiences any time you wish during Baby’s 1st year, here are some tips for timing your sessions.

Moms are rarely comfortable the last month of pregnancy, not to mention that baby may have his or her own plans for arriving, so photographing your Maternity Experience is best done in the 7-8 month range. This lets us capture you with that amazing and beautiful body (YES! You ARE beautiful, and every child loves seeing themselves “in Mommy’s belly”!), but isn’t pushing any limits for delivery dates or doctor’s orders.

Newborns are best photographed in the first 10 days of life. I know you are super busy getting used to your new routines, and I respect every element of that process. I have three kids myself so I completely understand; but if you are hoping for those shots of precious sleepy baby, this is when we want to get them! I can come to your home (which sounds very intimidating when you know housework is not a priority, but is definitely NOT an issue for me and photographing your family) so that everything you need is always at hand, AND we will be able to capture you all in your element. I promise this beats the studio. That being said, the studio is always available and we will still get amazing portraits. There’s just something to be said about doing family portraits in the family’s home.

To get the full effect of how much baby changes over the year, I offer an amazing package of Experiences that we do from Maternity all through the 1st Birthday. This is a substantial discount over separate sessions and the Album that you receive at the end of the year is absolutely the best present any of you will get at the party! To be able to have that album available in hand for the birthday party (because I promise you will want EVERYONE to see all you have done!), we schedule the 1st Birthday Celebration Session Experience (with cake and balloons of course!) about 3 weeks before you schedule your party. This allows for the completed production and delivery of the Album.

For more information, please check out the Experience Investment packages below. Moms are loving the fact that they can add Life As Is Photo Experiences to their baby registry too and everyone else loves giving these gift certificates! Contact me to set those up for you and we’ll make sure that Baby is fully celebrated!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions! I look forward to helping you create a year full of memories! XO

Maternity and Newborn