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You may have read my “Why a Connections Experience?” page, but this is my other, “What I’m going to do about it” promise to you. I want to offer you more than just photography services. I want to give you MORE ways to connect with the important people in your life


Introducing the LIFE AS IS PHOTO Family Community!

Being launched June 1st, 2015, I want to give you something so much more than just photography services.

We are family…

As in any family, we are often so busy taking care of others and filling the roles associated with being a partner, a parent, a daughter or son, a friend, an employee or a business owner, a coach, and so much more, that we often forget that we are also an individual with our own needs and our own personality. Make sure to connect with you too! As a member of the life as is photography by katrina family, we all work together to support and encourage connections in every aspect of our lives.

I have something to HELP YOU MAKE TIME that fits into your busy life – for yourself and for each other…

My new, bi-monthly NEWSLETTER will give you

  • Clever, fun, and do-able ways to make time for connecting. I will have specific ideas on how to (DIS)Connect with modern-day distractions to spend some quality time making REAL Connections with those you love. We will find ways to actually fit them into your busy life!
  •  Honest updates on how we have connected over the past two weeks in our home. I’m totally guilty of “just getting through” my days and neglecting to make true connections with the people I care about. I’m making a commitment to them, to myself, and to you to make a change in this department, and I’ll be honestly keeping you up to date on our progress!
  • I hope you will all be willing to share your stories and allow me to feature you and other life as is photo families as we all take this journey together. I want to hear about how YOU have made some connections, what you have discovered, and what you need. This is a place for support and encouragement- always!
  • More ways to (dis)connect, links to area businesses that cater to busy families, as well as words of wisdom and inspiration…
  • Not to mention lots of other goodies added here and there!! I’m so excited about what’s to come!!!!!!

As soon as you are confirmed as a life as is photo family member, you will receive a FREE gift to get you started!! A digital magazine…

5 Clever Ways to Fit (Dis)Connections into Your Busy Life

Encouragement and inspiration will flow from the page, through you, and into your families.

You will be invigorated to make time to CONNECT and your life will become more than a story. It will become a legacy.

Have fun and please let us know what you have done to connect with those you love!! Post on the website, or on Facebook in our exclusive, Closed Group Page or on Instagram (because I obviously want to see some pictures!). Use the hashtags #laiphotofamily and #laifamilyconnections so we can all see how many connections we are making!

And by “family” I mean every single person who is part of my life as is family. So if you are connecting with friends, yourself, nature, a dog, a great pair of shoes, or God, feel free to let us know and SHARE!!

Thank you, again, for joining our life as is photo family. I am so happy to have you here.